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Hypnos Contract Sofa Beds

An award-winning, fifth-generation, family-run British company, we have been handcrafting a variety of high quality sleep solutions, using time honoured methods for over 100 years. Combining traditional skills with constant innovation, Hypnos Contract Beds has a reputation for making the most comfortable beds and sofa beds in the world, using cutting edge technology and research to advance the business of sleep.

Our sofa beds are a key integral part of our Hospitality Sleep Solutions range, adding flexibility and cost-effective value to our partners’ accommodation offerings. As an experienced bed manufacturer and expert in the true comfort of sleep, we apply the same rigorous standards to our sofa bed manufacturing and design processes, ensuring a consistent sleep experience across the range.

Our luxury hotel sofa beds

Our sofa bed collection is contemporary and stylish, offering clients a further opportunity to enhance their profitability and flexibility of room usage. Some sofa beds also include additional storage. Using hardwood frames throughout, premium quality fabrics, and combining them with the industry’s leading internal mechanisms, ensures a highly durable and robust sleep experience for our sofa bed users.

All Hypnos Contract sofa beds for hotels come with:

  • Hardwood construction and market-leading mechanisms by Sedac and Lampolet
  • A choice of premium quality and water-resistant fabrics
  • Comprehensive 5-year guarantee for hospitality customers
  • 100% recyclable at the end of their service life
  • State-of-the-art anti-bed bug, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial treated
  • Highly durable for mass-usage

Crib 5 sofa beds

Hypnos Contract sofa beds comply with BS 7177 (Medium Hazard) Ignition Source 5 (Crib 5) Fire Retardancy regulations and are made to the highest quality standard.

One-seater hotel chair beds

One-seater chair beds are ideal for hoteliers seeking to make the most of a smaller room. Hypnos Contract one-seater sofa beds are easy to convert from chairs to beds, improving the customer experience and streamlining housekeeping tasks.

Two-seater hotel sofa beds

Two-seater sofa beds are true all-rounders for hotel settings. Upright and elegant, they provide ample sleeping space whilst occupying a minimal footprint. Our range of two-seater hotel sofa beds offers different benefits depending on the model. High leg designs make housekeeping duties easier, whilst low seats negate the need for much maintenance and Hypnos offer water-resistant fabrics as an additional feature for all hotel sofa beds.

Three-seater hotel sofa bed

Three-seater sofa beds are ideal for larger hotel rooms or rooms with higher occupancies. They convert just as easily as their smaller counterpart etc.


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